PGA Objective

PGA Objective

PGA Objective

PGA has set basic objectives as a road map to the successful implementation of our future goals. These objectives help us motivate and shows our milestones that we have to cover yet to promote the pharmacy profession in Pakistan.

Our mission is to make the healthcare system better by playing our part as a pharmacist in the society, arranging seminars, workshops, conferences at national and international levels. We are constantly playing our role to promote this profession at national level and helping needy pharmacists in acquiring jobs in different sectors so that they can also play their role in this noble profession.

Below are our core objectives

To work for the betterment of pharmacy profession and professionals in the educational institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries and sales and marketing sectors at government and private levels.

To facilitate pharmacy internships and jobs in government and private hospitals and in pharmaceutical industries.

To organize medical camps, seminars, workshops, conferences on different subjects of importance at national and international levels.

To arrange health walks and carnivals on different topics to create awareness regarding the respective topic for the public and professionals.

To open college of pharmacy in different cities of Pakistan.

To create a drug bank for the needy patients.

To build general hospitals for deserving patient.

To struggle for the service structure and presence of qualified pharmacist in government and private hospitals.

To enhance job opportunities for qualified pharmacists in government/private hospitals and in pharmaceutical industries or companies.

To provide shelter for shelter-less pharmacists in the country.

To coordinate among those organizations of pharmacists who are working and with the same cause for pharmacy profession at national and international level.