PGA News Pharma Observer Launching Ceremony

Pharma Observer Launching Ceremony

Pharmacy Graduates Association announces the arrival of the Opening Ceremony of its 1st  Monthly Magazine “Pharma Observer” at Dr. Essa Pharmacy, in collaboration of  Dr. Essa Laboratory and Pharmacy.

The idea of Pharma Observer Magazine came across our mind two months back and finally the idea has come to fruition. Now the journey of Pharma Observers begins. The journey full of experiences, challenges, motivation, hurdles, controversies, but finally, after so many challenges and hurdles Pharma Observer is ready to present.

The editorial board is represented by different Pharmacists and healthcare providers across Pakistan. In time, Pharma Observer will be a recognized forum for learning and exchanges of idea and experiences by and for the medical professionals.

In the same event, the launch of Pharma Observer’s official website was held. Here is the address

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