PGA News Social Expo 2012 – Karachi

Social Expo 2012 – Karachi

Pharmacy Graduates’ Association participated in an event “Social Expo 2012″ held at Expo Centre Karachi on Friday 23rd March, 2012, to promote and enhance the Pharmacy Profession in general public with the help of strong Media coverage and support from fellow pharmacists from different universities.

The purpose to participate in Social Expo 2012 was to create awareness about the role of Pharmacist in Healthcare System of Pakistan. Pharmacist are the important pillar of healthcare system as they work side by side with doctors and other allied health professionals in minimizing the drug side effects and misuse.  It was a big step taken by PGA and huge amount of Pharmacists from different universities of Pakistan showed their presence & strength on PGA stall at Expo Centre Karachi.

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